By: Noah W.

Today, I will be talking about the benefits of eating eggs.

Eggs are a part of many culture’s diets, Including good’ol Merica. Being a very popular commodity, it’s very possible you had eggs just this morning! Eggs are very high in protein, and also can boost your immune system, as a matter of fact.
Eggs are laid by chickens, and chickens come from eggs. So, if you think about it you are eating a un-fertilized chicken embryo… however, don’t let this stop you from chowing down on them as a good old breakfast tomorrow -Studies show that eggs also stop aging symptoms, making you look and feel younger.
Did you know that eggs come in different colors? White and brown, even green! Brown eggs come from non-modified chickens, and are usually smaller. White eggs come from genetically modified super chickens descendant from the chicken god. White eggs are also bigger.
(Eggs have also been used over the centuries to teleport, so if you want to be a teleporting boss, keep around 60 eggs in your pocket. Eggs are a speedy way to commute, as long as you have Noah’s patented egg slingshot.)
All in all, eggs are great for you – Make sure to EAT MORE EGGS.
Find the image above (and more like it) at this wonderful cooking-site along with a recipe for deviled eggs.

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