Art Test RANT!

The following doesn’t necessarily represent the opinions of the Jefferosonian, Jefferson Middle School, it’s staff, or students. We encourage the journalists on our squad to express their opinions and stand for their beliefs – thus this opinion piece.



So, the art test. Jefferson’s newly implemented tactic to test the artistic ability of all students –  possibly the most utterly useless test ever created by mankind. Why? Well, here’s some reasons…


  1. ART CAN’T BE TESTED! Everyone has their own way of art – not everyone likes drawing. I, personally prefer sculpture over drawing, and that’s not tested! Its unfair to the people that hate drawing, or any particular art style.
  2. It’s a terrible way of judging teachers. If they want to see how the teachers are doing, then they need a different approach – but testing the kids for a result? No.
  3. Kids don’t care. If the test doesn’t directly affect them, then they don’t try hard or do their best work, rendering the test inaccurate.. and making the school and teacher look bad.
  4. It’s a waste of money. Think of how much paper and ink is used to print all the test. Even if it’s not a ton of money, its still a waste of precious supplies and effort.


Now let’s look at how the art test could be useful.


  1. It drains childrens souls of creativity.


  1. It can be used to see if people are making weapons in art. (Referring to the “what is a dangerous material in the art room” question. By the way, the answer is  “childrens dreams.”)
  2. APS can find out whether the art teacher is a lunatic or not. . . Maybe.
  1. APS can find the people that do not comply, and then they can put them on “the list”.


  1. Wastes around two hours of class time, if not more.


I have a simple and effective 3 step program to replace the art test. Step one: Throw all the art tests into the incinerator. Step 2: Hire some people to go into class rooms for a day to watch how the class rates on a scale of one to ten – the rate will go way up with no test around! Step three: NEVER EVER have a art test ever again. EVER.


So, thats my opinion on the art-test. By the way, this is my first article, so tell me what you think of it. Comments!


  • Noah Wilsey

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