DRESS CODE: The Details of the Plan.

What exactly does our plan encompass?

By: Lillie Estes

Regarding questions on the actual dress code changes that girls are fighting for, here is a collection of the actual rules that are going to be discussed with the school to be changed.

Girls at our school are trying to change the “fingertip rule” for shorts. This rule has some issues because of the fact that every girl has different arm lengths. Instead of having this rule, after speaking to many girls on the matter, we have come to a consensus that having an inseam length requirement (say four inches or so), or having a rough fraction of your thigh that should be covered (say 1/3) would be ok with them.


They would also like the T-shirts the boys wear (more specifically the ones objectifying women) to actually be dress coded, instead of ignored as they so often are. They do not want to spite boys with more rules, just have the rules that do impact them inforced.


As far as the procedures that need to be changed, the way in which teachers call out students in class needs to be revised. Being publicly humiliated should not happen in the classroom, and instead, teachers should pull students off to the side to fix the problem in a confidential way. The students (girls and guys) would also like to have the right to RESPECTFULLY defend themselves by looking at the actual rule book when they believe that they have been unfairly dress-code, without further punishment from staff.

By asking for a change we are in no way asking for conformity (uniforms), nor for indecency, just asking to have the ability to wear shorts in our hot climate.


One thought on “DRESS CODE: The Details of the Plan.

  1. *OPINION!*
    For some reason I think that short shorts aren’t just for weather, but more for looks. I thought the original intention for changing the dress code was for girls to wear things to express them selves. *JUST A EXAMPLE* (but girls who are still practically children are to be punished for dressing how they please.) < that is from the school sexism post. (This concept of making young girls hide themselves supports the idea that it is ok for girls who are barely even teenagers to be sexualized, which is completely disgusting on the part of administration.) < also that doesn't really sense. I think that its the opposite, when really showing MORE skin is considered more sexual. But i honestly have lots of respect for you Lille, and i'm glad you brought up this controversial topic. 🙂

    -Noah Wilsey

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