The Life of Mr. Krame

By: Labory Jane.


Mr. Krame is incredibly tame, for his hair is white as snow.

His days, though incredibly tame, were as happy as could be.

On Sundays, he walked to the park. On Wednesdays, he’d go see the sharks.

But his main pride and joy was the buddy he had.

He’d play with his friend, Mr. Krame – the most wonderful companion of all.

On any day, they’d exchange smiles, words, dances, and stirred. But none of it was ever the same,

for Mr. Krame was not so tame. The other one, that is.

He’d challenge his opponent at endless games of chess,

trot along the river, never needing a rest.

He’d bring light to the old man’s world,

even when really, there was no darkness at all.

But one day, Mr. Krame could not find his chum sitting at the bench.

He was usually there, he knew he was. Wherever could he be?

He searched high and low, in and out, but no avail was there to stay.

Mr. Krane had gone away, never again to play.

But the man moved on, surprisingly enough,

for he never needed another say.


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