What is Feminism?

This post does not necessarily represent the opinions or political views of the Jeffersonian, Jefferson Middle School, It’s students, or staff. Here on the Jeffersonian, we encourage our journalists to express their opinions and views as opinion pieces – nothing more.  This piece was written mainly as rebuttal towards recent discussions pertaining to Jefferson’s student dress codes – if you wish you express your opinion, please comment below.

By: Lillie E.

A recent debate I have recently taken part in has led me to define and clarify what a feminist really is. A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights between men and women – nothing else! In NO way is a feminist someone who hates men, let alone want power over men.  ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN EQUAL RIGHTS BETWEEN GENDERS IS A FEMINIST.  Both the term and the noun feminism is used in situations to bring out gender inequality. Feminists, also, are in no way saying that oppression of men doesn’t exist, that the sexual assault of men doesn’t exist or that men always are in power. By being a feminist, you are simply supporting women’s rights, as well as saying that women are, and should be, as powerful as men. The reason it is called feminism, as opposed to “gender equality,” is because currently, and unfortunately, women are, as a common notion, less powerful than men in society. This doesn’t mean that all men are powerful; it means that when you break down the numbers, women are going to be paid less and be more likely to be attacked, even though it does also happen to men. Men should respect women, women should respect men, but at this point in time men tend to disrespect women more than women disrespect men.

What do you think about JMS’s student dress code movement? What about feminism?


4 thoughts on “What is Feminism?

  1. Dear anyone who cares to answer this question,
    What is the cause for this sudden uprising against the dress code, is it because girls want to express themselves through fashion or merely the act of rebelling against something limiting girls options down to what they wear? I personally do not understand what feminism has to do with our current dress code policy.

    • To “NO NAME”, most girls want to have both of those things, and what is limiting girls from doing so are rules that are suppressive and to support the liberation of women so they can do both of these things is technically an act of feminism. This actual article is clearing up what a feminist is in light of a certain discussion in which some “anti-feminists” said that women were trying to make themselves more powerful than men, which is untrue.

  2. Ok…

    When I was talking about the subject of sexism towards men, I didn’t mean that feminist are sexist to men. I was just stating that sexism towards men does exist.

    -Noah Wilsey

    P.S. I’m not trying to defend my self, I’m just trying to clarify what my past comment.

    • To Noah Wilsey, this article is not really directed at you personally no worries, and your confusion on the subject is completely understandable as the last article was vague and generalized the subject. I completely agree with you that sexism towards men exists, and by having a culture shift where women are viewed as just as powerful as men, it can help to end the sexism against men by women, seeing as their actions will be completely validated, regardless of whether they are negative or positive. Not to mention that feminists (usually) support the ending of gender roles, that also helps end the sexism towards men in our society, something I completely support. Its just that as of now most of issues we are having in this subject are happening because are because something labeled “feminine” is usually less valid that something that is labeled “masculine”. There are exceptions to this of course, and all men aren’t evil, but as a general rule this is what society excepts to be true.

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