When I first met Wyatt, I was in kindergarten, and he was in class with me. We were both quite nerdy, and so naturally, we latched onto one another quite quickly, and became fast friends. We both enjoyed making fantastical worlds, and playing ourselves into them. Often enough, our characters began to reflect people in our real lives. Things were good, back then.
It was around third grade when Wyatt’s stories began to take a darker turn. The stories which we would write together after school became twisted. In them, there was often a boy who was in the midst of a horrible battle between two raging and powerful sides. I never understood why Wyatt was writing like this. Why do you write like this, Wyatt?
Was the end of our friendship bad? Yeah, you could say that. It involved name calling and crying and screaming. But I never had a true friend again until fifth grade. And even then, I had this mentality of people can’t be trusted.
But that’s not the right mentality. Sometimes, we all need to forgive and forget. Recently, I learned why Wyatt’s stories and his attitude turned so dark. His parents divorced about a year after our friendship ended. So that explains it. Does that make what he did okay? No, of course not. But if you have the mentality I had, do the best thing for yourself, and forgive, and most especially, forget.

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