Big Change at JMS?


In the last week, Lillie Estes, journalist at the Jeffersonian, posted an opinion piece discussing the school dress codes, and sexism in schools across the nation. Recently, the squad member has decided to take action to help improve the situation with the help of other student activists and journalists. This notice is to convey one point, and one point only: although this dress code movement encourages you to take part in discussions on the topic and to post your own opinions, the movement has no affiliation with actions in which their supporters take, unless you previously consult them on your ideas and work with them to produce them. All other actions done for the cause will be held accountable to those who enact them, regardless if the outcomes are negative or positive. If you wish to consult them on a topic, either consult her at school, or email the cause at and they will try to get back to you on your ideas.

Thank you so much for your support. Spread the word on our potential school culture shift – AKA changing the dress codes.


2 thoughts on “Big Change at JMS?

  1. Right now i feel like there’s not enough information to form a opinion. Also, sexism isn’t just geared towards girls. A example of this is the past student presidents. All of the president have been girls. Sorry, i’m just making a point. but i would like to have a opinion in the future.

    -Noah W.

    • I completely support you writing opinions on men’s sexism, something that definitely needs to be changed! I will be posting more articles about the subject in the future to clear things up!

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