TOP 10 Craziest World Leaders!

By: Max T.

Hello, readers of the Jeffersonian. Popular demand has force—er, allowed me to write a column on the craziest, most psychotic world leaders ever. And so, let us plunge right in.

#10: Mao Zedong

This psychopath successfully convinced all of China that farmers were the bane of all humanity. Then, he released a book of propaganda called The Little Red Book. It’s still believed to be the most convincing propaganda piece of all time.

#9: Bernard Munyagishari

The man who initiated one of the most concentrated genocides ever, the Rwanda genocide. He is still burned in effigy today.

#8: Pol Pot

This man is one of the most hated figures in all of Asia. He brainwashed children and forced them to kill people in a sort of coup d’état for the control of Taiwan.

#7: Fidel Castro

The Cuban leader who allied with the USSR to potentially bomb the U.S.:  Any Questions?

#6: Lord Voldemo…..

Weren’t you expecting him? Don’t dare speak his name, though.

#5: Vladimir Putin

I know a lot of people want this figure to be ranked higher, but while he has made being gay a crime (which is pure, concentrated evil) he is not as evil as the next four.

#4: Kim Jong Il

The man who’s the father of one of the most psychotic world leaders of all time. He had his political rivals assassinated, then erased from history. Nice guy.

#3: Иосиф Сталин (Joseph Stalin)

A very, very psychotic leader. He killed people, erased them from all known photos, and then denied their existence. Also, got within one beer of nuking the U.S out of existence.

#2: Emperor Nero   Killed two of his wives and possibly his mother. Used all of Rome’s wealth to make a 55-foot tall statue of himself with godlike features. He set fire to Rome, then he blamed it on the Christians.

And the #1 Most Psychotic World Leader…#1: Adolf Hitler!   Oh boy. This guy persecuted everyone, from the Jews to the gays to the handicapped. He killed over eleven million people in a span of maybe five years. He tried to take over Russia! He was crazy, and he was evil. No question there.



Honorable Mention: Emperor Palpatine


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