SONG REVIEW: “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy

By Liam Paul

I am a Fall Out Boy fan, so I may be biased, but I think this song is just the right mix of Fall Out Boy’s natural awesomeness and music production.  A word to describe it, as any fall out boy song, is anthemic.  You can tell there is just a hint of hip hop/EDM elements, as well as their pop/punk style.  I hope this sets the tone for an album, because it deserved to be justified.

The hooks on the song are from Suzanne Vega’s 1987 song ‘Tom’s Diner’, as  bassist/songwriter, only they didn’t use the original vocals from the song, they chose a singer from Wentz’s DCD2 records, LoLo.  “I feel like it was so ubiquitous when we were Kids.  I mean, that song was absolutely everywhere and it just kind of disappeared.  I haven’t heard it in a minute.  And I was like that’s a shame.  That was such amazing song.  I would love for that to get some tip of the hat”,  said stump on ‘Tom’s Diner’.

Fall Out Boy’s 6th album, of which this will be a part, will hopefully be released sometime later this year.


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