School Sexism

By: Lillie E.

The following content does not necessarily reflect the views of the Jeffersonian, Jefferson Middle School, its teachers, administration or staff, but is a great opinion piece written by a student of JMS. It is a mere effort to promote thinking, the ability to express views, and to encourage students to speak up with their opinions of controversial world topics. The Jeffersonian is fully committed to a respectful exchange of views.  Those commenting on this and any other piece are asked to keep the need for respect of opposing views in mind.

Jefferson’s school dress code is plainly unfair to female students. Not only the rules, but the way they are handled is completely inappropriate. The actual rules are poorly written and subjective.
The foundation of the issue is that, plainly, there is an idealism that girls should cover up in order to remain “class appropriate.”   “Not appropriate” in this situation basically means:  if is it tight, short or what teachers label sexual, it’s not appropriate. This concept of making young girls hide themselves supports the idea that it is ok for girls who are barely even teenagers to be sexualized, which is completely disgusting on the part of administration.

The part where the sexism really comes into play is when we look at the actual dress code. The rules are obviously oriented towards girls, and  one of the few rules that actually impacts boys at the school is ignored almost fully. The offensive t-shirt rule is what really brings about the injustice. In the last year, while attending Jefferson, boys at school have been wearing t-shirts that are offensive. For example, T-shirts displaying ads for Hooters™, one saying “24 hour bikini contest” and having an outline of a girl in a bikini, and one of a underwear clad model on a car have been worn to school on multiple days and have not been judged inappropriate, based on the fact that the male students “successfully” wore them repeatedly. This means that teachers find it fine for boys to promote the sexualizing of women, but girls who are still practically children are to be punished for dressing how they please.


5 thoughts on “School Sexism


    More “inappropriate” cloths are marketed to girls, which is probably why the dress code rule is more oriented towards girls. Also more girls where “inappropriate” clothing (not necessarily considered by me) than the amount of boys that were “inappropriate” clothing. *FOR EXAMPLE* Most girls were short shorts often, while most boys almost never were “inappropriate” clothing. Right now in our society the girl is supposed to attract the guy, rather then the other way around.

    -Noah W.


  2. I agree we need to change that idealism that society has but, I don’t think it should be at the discretion of teachers to sexualize children.

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