Life – Theatre Style!

Acting is weird. I mean, in most professions, you start a job as soon as you finish university, and stick with it for as long as you can. Theatre really isn’t like that. There’s really no age limit– I know five-year-olds that consistently get parts, and eighty-year-olds with a new show every month. And it doesn’t really require a degree, although having one is a definite plus. The unfortunate flip-side to this is that acting is, at best, unstable. We work with scores of directors throughout our careers (if we’re lucky) and audition for scores more. Heck, half of the job consists of auditioning, if you really come to think about it. We work odd hours, often maintain second jobs, and all seem to have a strange attraction to odd situations.

With all these facts listed, acting seems a heck of a lot less desirable. Living in a tiny studio apartment and struggling to pay bills isn’t the average person’s idea of success. But we continue to live our bohemian lives, despite the difficulties. Maybe it’s the applause, or the lights, or seeing your name in print in a playbill. But the allure of theatre lives on, and thrives in the hearts of the next generation.




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