World Sports Weekly #2

By Liam Paul

I don’t understand cricket, as most Americans don’t, but I thought I might as well give this a try. What is now called the sport of Cricket originally was played by children in England and the surrounding area. Now, it is a sport played by adults in mainly Britain, India, and Sri Lanka. The match covered in this article is between England and India, 2 of the top Cricket national teams.

I had to look it up, but the scoring in cricket works like this: there are 2 things that determine the winner of a game. These are number of runs scored and number of wickets conceded. The game is set up so that there is a rectangle in the pitch, and the bowler, one batsman (of 2), and the scorekeeper stand on one side. On the other side, the other batsman, or the “striker” as he’s known, hits the ball when the bowler bowls it. Then, if no fielder catches it, the other batsman runs back and forth within the rectangle. If a fielder catches the ball, then the striker is out, and is replaced. If the ball makes it to the catcher, behind the striker, it is called a wicket. Of course, there are more rules, but I do not have enough time or patience to explain them.

The match in question happened on september 5. It was between England and India. This is part of the Indian national team’s tour of England. So far, India’s bowlers have been untested, due to poor batting from England. That may be the reason that England won this game. In the words of the Epoch times, The final score line was — England: 294/7 (50), India: 253/10 (48.4).

How motivated is India? WILL THEY WIN?

India scored a losing 48.4 in the game. How does one score a 48.4?

England wins the game with a whopping 50 points against India in the Cricket game!

England wins the game with a whopping 50 points against India in the Cricket game!


One thought on “Cricket!!

  1. Mr. P. : As you’ve brought up one of the very few things in the world I know something about, let me correct one or two items in your post. Your referenced September 5 fixture was an “ODI” or “One Day International,” a rather newish idea in which teams battle over 50 “overs” each. The team first to bat either completes the 50 overs or suffers the end of their innings early due to the loss of the requisite 10 wickets.

    In the case of September 5, as noted in this report:, India won the toss and chose to bowl. England set a very high total of 297 over its 50 “overs” (usually each over consists of six bowls/pitches). India could not keep it’s run rate high enough early on, was forced to risk lost wickets (caught balls, “leg before wicket,” etc. by trying to slam the heck of the cricket ball. This was especially true for India’s Rayadu, who went out to make it 91 (runs) for 4 (wickets) and left India without any quality batsmen left.

    India stuck around long enough to almost get to 50 overs before succumbing, losing the 10th and last wicket in the fourth ball of the 48th over.

    Hence: 253/10 (48.4)

    Make sense…at least a bit now?

    Thanks for tackling the sport…I hope to see the Jeffersonian become the #1 ABQ resource for cricket news and scores. As there is absolutely zero source for such news now, Mr. P…you’ve already accomplished #1 status with this piece.!

    mr. scot

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