Top 10 Weirdest Things About Google!

Hello readers!  My name is Max T. , and I will be writing the TOP 10s list column. I will more or less take things you THINK you know about, and turn them around into something awesome. So, let’s start with something common: GOOGLE.

#10: Type into the search engine “Do a barrel roll.”

Just trust me, this is really awesome.

#9: Google does their employees laundry.

I was a little surprised when I heard this. Apparently, the Google HQ has a gigantic Laundromat. They’ve been doing laundry since they started in 1995.

#8: GOATS.

Google purchased 200 goats to control the lawn at their headquarters in San Francisco. In the words of our Editor-In-Chief: “They are impeccable strategists.”

#7: 2%.

This is a very important number. Google controls two percent of all the world’s servers. And when the world has over ten trillion servers… that’s a lot of servers.

#6: The YAHOO! Mistake.

Yahoo had the option of buying Google in 1997 for a price of only $1,000,000. They declined. Today Yahoo is worth $2,000,000, and Google is worth ten times that! Great  move by the guys at Yahoo…

#5: The GOOGLE doodle.

The first Google Doodle was a stick-man behind the logo. It was supposed to show that the creators of Google had gone to something called the ‘Burning Man’  Festival!

#4: Everyone in the world.

Everyone in the world will perform four million Google searches in their lifetimes. ‘Nuf said.

#3: Google’s vast achievements.

Again, sarcasm. Google is the first website to successfully make it’s homepage available in every language in the world.

#2: Google, the number.

Google is a misspelled version of “Googol”, which is a one with one hundred zeros. According to the ancient Indians, this was how many humans would have to be stacked on top of each other for someone to make a ladder to heaven. Nice people.

And the number one strangest thing about Google…

#1: Stan the Dinosaur.

Google has a triceratops skeleton in their headquarters named Stan. He is Google’s official dinosaur. Even if he is a skeleton.

Thanks for tuning in!




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