Mr. Golda Takes the Challenge

Mr. Golda, an iconic image of  Jefferson Middle school, teaches gifted 6th and 8th grade math, having a classroom located right in the heart of the hall. Everyday, this guy copes with crazy math problems with no problem, but how does he deal when he is challenged to an ice cold bucket of water?

Posted recently, Mr. Golda sits outside on a lawn chair, slouching slightly in the thought of a bucket over his head. He speaks in monotone, “I’m not challenging anyone to this,”  He is crossing his hands to show the negativity. “I don’t think anybody should have to do this.”   After he ungratefully thanks the 8th grader who challenged him, the water is poured, and a loud “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHMMMMM” is stated.

Watch it below, and see the utter iciness! !


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