Jefferson Takes the Day Off!

Today is Monday, September 1st, 2014. It is also, for anyone who may not know, Labor Day, as well! Kids and adults across the nation, including all of us Jeffersonians, are taking this beautiful Monday off… But why? What is Labor Day? Why on Earth do we celebrate it?

Traditionally, Labor day is recognized as a holiday to honor all the labor achievements by Americans toward their jobs, careers, and money-making situations. Believe it or not, it is hard work making money, and Americans should have a day off. But wait a minute… Why does Jefferson take off? Why do us kids have this day to relax, too? Of course, the teachers deserve it, but us kids don’t make the family income, why do we get to join the fun?

First off, it’s not like school isn’t a difficult task. If anyone knows how daunting the task of school is, it’s us. As students, we Absolutely should be recognized too – here at Jefferson especially, kids work their butts off and perform above and Beyond to get the grades they want. But honestly,  what does the rest of a grown-up nation care about how hard adolescents work? Here’s why, my friend. Students are the key. We can make or break the future. We are the future! The 6th grade nerds today will be president tomorrow. If anyone should be encouraged and rewarded for labor academically, students will be first on the list. Yes, congratulate adults with their money and their jobs, but also congratulate us. With our homework and our A’s.

So, Jeffersonians, savor this Monday of yours, proudly and thoughtfully. Do something fun, something exiting! You deserve it. We students are cooler than you may ever think!


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