What is “Fashion”?

A very new and “fashionable” trend is going around. This trend is people dying their hair many colors, such as pink, purple, red, blue, green, and all sorts of colors. I would like to call to attention that a new material has been created, known as paper. This amazing “paper” lets you color on it. I do not think that hair very well resembles paper, but I may be wrong. I wonder what’s next; could it be shaving off eyebrows, only to draw them back on, or even making our nails, the dead skin on our fingertips, different colors? Wait a minute, people are doing this too? And they are wearing jeans so tight that the can barely walk? It appears people also try to starve themselves to be “Skinny”. In the mid 1900’s era, many stores were selling drugs in order to help women actually gain weight! Seen on the left, a pill named “Wate-On” was made, specifically to help women gain weight, instead of being skinny. They were food tablets, loaded with calories. These were similar to what diet pills are today. The message sent in both eras, however, it is the same. Companies tell people that they are not normal, and should change to different standards. This is all just a big hoax to try to make people doubt themselves and their figure, so they will buy more money, and make the companies richer. Don’t listen to these companies, and remember, just be naturally you. All of these “fashion trends” are simply preposterous. Now, this doesn’t mean you should live an unhealthy lifestyle. Staying healthy and fit is all that is needed, for a good and long life. Not buying into all of this “fashion” and “beauty” that the media puts around.; and the same goes for clothes. Get normal clothes that fit right. Why use something for the purpose it wasn’t designed for? People will sometimes walk around “sagging” their pants, but guess where that originated; it originated in prison, showing that an inmate was available for a relationship. These new trends are, as previously stated, silly, and they should, for the most part, be ignored.

Alex Lady

An ad for women to gain weight, around the mid-1900’s era.

This has been Alex Adams, making fun of yesterday, and today.


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