Mrs. Creamer Martinez is Challenged

Elena Creamer-Martinez is a wonderful, energetic 6th grade Language Arts teacher here at Jefferson Middle School. She’s the kind of person everyone says hello to in the hall, and who students remember all through their lives. Being so popular, it wasn’t a surprise that vice principle Liz Torres challenged her to the ALS Ice bucket Challenge so quickly – but her video was spectacular, nonetheless.

In the shaky, excitement-filled video of hers taken place just outside the JMS art room, right before Ms. Denisson and Ms. Unwin poor the crazy huge bucket of ice on her head, she enthusiastically “rebuttals” Emily Brandon from Rio Rancho high school, Kelly Haze from Atrisco Herritage, and APRIL KINNEY from JMS. To watch to the awesome video, type ‘Jefferson Middle School Ice Bucket Challenge’ into the youtube search bar, or you can watch the link itself right here. Check it out!!


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