IK Start vs Odds Bk – Spots update!

World Sports Weekly #1:
IK Start vs Odds Bk
 Hello, and welcome to World Sports Weekly! This
column is where you’ll find a new world sports matchup
every week. Today, the matchup is IK Start, from
Kristiansand, VS Odds BK, from in Tippeligaen, which
is the Norwegian Premier league for Fotbol/Football/
Futbol/Soccer, whatever you want to call it. IK Start
is a club, and a Derby match, which means a rivalry.
 Espen Hoff, a striker for Start, said he would
“make this a game”, but, unfortunately he did not. The
only goal by Start in the 4-1 loss was scored by Espen
Børufsen, the left midfielder.

Team ODD's logo.

Team ODD’s logo.

Team Start's logo.

Team Start’s logo.

Liam Sport

The Tippeligaen Sport’s column feature.


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