Jefferson Pride in a bucket of Ice Cold Water…

Raising money for charity has always been a challenging task, but recently, the task has become a lot more easy – and maybe even a little fun. These days, Folks across the nation are taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge HEAD FIRST to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s disease – a progressive neurodegenerative disease that impacts nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord. “You slowly go paralyzed until your body has no control anymore” As Mr. Dukart puts it in his Bucket Challenge, “ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in my opinion, is possibly the scariest disease there is,”

As you may know, the modern ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ usually starts off with somebody nominating you to take the challenge in the first place. From there, most people record themselves first nominating 3 more people to do the same Icy dare, and lastly dumping a fairly large and daunting bucket of freezing cold ice water on their heads – followed by screaming or not-so-playful remarks of surprise. The event is meant to raise awareness, and if done right, money.

And Jefferson Middle school will NOT be left out of the fun.

Every other day, teachers and students alike are getting out their cameras and a nice, big bucket to fill with another ice cold splash. As a matter of fact, JMS principle Shawn Morris himself publicly shared his own unique bucket video via YouTube recently in hope to give a little more hope to ALS patients. And he’s not alone. Teachers like Mr. Dukart, Ms.Creamer Martinez, Mr. Logan, Ms. Kinney, Mr. Golda, and more are participating in the event publicly – with no shame whatsoever.

On this page, you will find links, news, and posts of and about all your Jefferson pride leaking out of your ice cold bucket of charity. Stay tuned!




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