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Liam Takes the Challenge

Here on the JMS Ice bucket challenge culumn, we don’t only report Teacher’s challenges… we do EVERY Jeffersonian’s challenge – including students. Right here, we have 8th grader Liam Paul’s exiting and horribly icy-looking challenge video. Though short, the video crazily gets Liam’s intentions of entertainment and charity across to all viewers.

take a look!

IK Start vs Odds Bk – Spots update!

World Sports Weekly #1:
IK Start vs Odds Bk
 Hello, and welcome to World Sports Weekly! This
column is where you’ll find a new world sports matchup
every week. Today, the matchup is IK Start, from
Kristiansand, VS Odds BK, from in Tippeligaen, which
is the Norwegian Premier league for Fotbol/Football/
Futbol/Soccer, whatever you want to call it. IK Start
is a club, and a Derby match, which means a rivalry.
 Espen Hoff, a striker for Start, said he would
“make this a game”, but, unfortunately he did not. The
only goal by Start in the 4-1 loss was scored by Espen
Børufsen, the left midfielder.

Team ODD's logo.

Team ODD’s logo.

Team Start's logo.

Team Start’s logo.

Liam Sport

The Tippeligaen Sport’s column feature.

Ms. Kinney is Challenged

April Kinney, 8th grade gifted Humanities teacher here at Jefferson Middle School, was just recently challenged by Elana Creamer-Martinez to complete the dreaded ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. Although a feared task in recent days, Ms. Kinney has managed to turn her ice bucket experience into a whole different story – something to make a statement. Standing already in a POOL of ice water, Ms. Kinney takes the majority of her time explaining not only the horrific disease that is ALS, but also a foundation that is “near and dear to her heart.” The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Fund support LGBT kids across the nation, and just received Ms. KInney’s generous donations. You can donate too.

To keep the icy JMS spirit going, Ms. Kinney also challenged 6th grade science teacher and Jefferson girl’s basketball coach Stormi Grefphenreed to complete the task of not only pouring a bucket of water on her head, but to also share a cause that is uniquely sentimental to her, too.

Ms. Kinney proudly proceeds to take more water, this time over her head, in an amazing stand for a cause she stands for. Watch the video now on Youtube, or right here below!