The Mortal Instruments (Book 1): City of Bones

The City of Bones is written specifically for young adult’s and is a fantasy.  Cassandra Clare the author is a very open minded writer who uses various styles and techniques to express each and every single one of her characters throughout The Mortal Instruments trilogy.  The City of Bones book 1 revolves around a girl who witnesses events out of this world and adjusts to who she really is.   Cassandra Clare decides to rather instead of using the sappy everyday love story, bring together chains of events that relate to real world problems, that invoke the readers to assume the feelings of the characters rather then her just say them.

The City of Bones relates to various hardships that everyday people/readers may have gone through. Throughout this book, it becomes evident that sometimes people don’t exactly get what they want.  Life may seem normal and perfect but at times horrific and tragic events can come out of the blue, and it is our job to overcome and solve these various problems.

Cassandra Clare can relate to this series in many ways.  Clare grew up traveling with her parents all over the world and never truly adjusted to one particular place, which relates to the main character of the series Claire.  Clare demonstrates throughout her writing the various hardships of family and how sometimes one must read in between the lines in order to find out the truth.  Things never appear to be what they seem, which in other words means one can not trust anyone.

The statement made in the book “one can not trust anyone” relates to real world issues today.  Clare acts out the misery and ridiculousness of this time and shows how people we love and trust are really just horrid backstabbers.  Clare is filled up with so much dread and confusion that she honestly using her puppets throughout the book series, demonstrates issues in a way that readers may not always catch.

“Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.” – Cassandra Clare.  Clare may have various dark themes in her writing but it is much more than that.  Clare uses something many call magic.  Clare represents the characters in a way as clay, in which she can mold but rather then demonstrate all of their actions, uses crude and “sarcastic” humour to draw her audience in.  The Mortal Instruments is a series in which rather than the reader worrying about their “sucky” lives, actually get to witness how many other people face hardships, and how when something horrible is happening, half the time one is a lot better off then others.

The Mortal Instruments is a series that will surprise many.  Full of laughter and moments where one wants to cry, Cassandra Clare blends her many experiences and ideals into three books (soon to be four) that relates to many and has a place right in the center of our hearts.

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