Weekly Horoscope 12.20.13

well, this is it, the end of the semester and Christmas! (for most of you) So for this Horoscope, to continue celebratory action, you will find out which Holiday is best for you. Due to copyright claims, we cannot do the American holidays, so we will come up with the best Turkish, German, or whatever country we could find’s holidays for you.

Aquarius: Your holiday will be Dayton Peace Agreement Day, or Dan Dejtonskog mirovnog sporazuma A Bosnian holiday, which, if you do not know the history of, will have to look up, like all of these obscure holiday’s (Evil Laughter)

Pisces: Your holiday will be Maundy Thursday, A christian holiday, which is the only information you will get on it

Aries:  Your holiday will be Fateha-i-Yajdaham In Bangladesh

Taurus: Your holiday will be jaanipäev, I dont really know anything about this other than its name in English is Midsummer day.

Gemini: Your holiday will be All Saints day, which is also a Christian holiday, again, only information I will include, you must find what this day is.

Cancer: Your holiday will be 학부모날, or Parents day, in South Korea.

Leo: Your holiday will be Ukrainian Unity Day.

Virgo: Your holiday will be Kiev Day, also celebrated in Ukraine.

Libra: Your holiday will be The Three Wise Men Day, celebrated in Venezuela, as well as other countries.

Scorpio: Your holiday will be Deň zápasu za ľudské práva, I want you to figure out what it is. (hint, it is in Slovakian)

Sagittarius: Your holiday will be Maulid-un-Nabi, which is celebrated in the Philippines as far as I know.

Capricorn: Your holiday will be Rizal Day, celebrated in the philippines aswell.

Happy holidays!



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