Bypassing Security in Schools

NBC reporter decided to do an undercover investigation regarding school security and their protocol’s.  A man of the name Jeff Rossen was highly disturbed with the massacre that took place in Newton, Conn.  Rossen decided to go undercover and walked directly into a New Jersey school without getting a tag from the office or alerting anyone at all.  Rossen decided to just walk around chat with students and not a single teacher or staff teacher seemed to mind!  Finally he decided to go to the office to address the problem.  The office staff laughed and claimed that from security camera’s he looked like a teacher.  According to the schools Parent Teacher Association or PTA for short stated that what Rossen did was a “wake up” call that seriously addressed the matter.

Undercover detective Rossen decided to dig deeper and headed over to a school safety consultant.  “This is incredibly problematic,” said safety consultant Sal Lifrieri, a former director of security at the New York City Office of Emergency Management, after watching the video. “Something like this, two minutes of not being challenged, it’s just too much harm you could have caused if you really had intent.”

Rossen tested many other school security systems and officers but was immediately escorted to the office and was forced to stay away from the countless amounts of children and numerous classrooms.    At another school before Rossen had the chance to enter the building he was immediately escorted once again to the office by an officer.

Another reporter of the name Johnathan Vigliotti from the channel WNBC tested the limits of many public schools in New York.  Reporter Vigliotti was able to walk into 70% (7 out of 10) schools without being escorted or noticed by the staff.  Reporter Vigliotte stated he had a harder time getting into his friend’s apartment rather than schools.

What really sparked the security issue was the fact that Vigliotti was able to bypass a metal detector, which raises the issues of guns and weapons.  After going through the metal detector without notice he entered a gym full of kids.  Soon a security guard came over and once again stated that he thought that Vigliotti was a teacher and was surprised at the fact that he bypasses the metal detector.

The cities school officials declared that there needs to be an increase in safety regulations as well as an increased amount of training towards staff and guards.  Michael Dorm an executive producer stated in an interview that “It’s not just a matter of putting in technology,” but the matter involves training better school officials.

Another story that can affect lives in many ways.  Schools need to close security gaps and need to make sure the children and teens of the future stay safe.  Officials need to understand that our world is dangerous in many ways and we can not in any way leave risks that resulted in The Colorado Shooting as the Newton. Conn massacre.  Families nowadays are getting highly anxious as well as worried especially when their child does not show up from school because they are dead.  Leaving our schools and communities weak, only allow other to bring our society down.  We need to fight and get better systems to protect the countless lives that are needed in our harsh future.  Either let our children die or figure out a better way to keep them safe.

Sami R.

Edited by: Alan M.

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