What Disney Channel is Really Advertising

Author: Sami R.

Edited by: Michelle G.

Disney Channel…a channel on television that most of us watched when we where small adorable children.  That very channel was full of educational and informative cartoons that explained the meaning of family and friendship.  Lilo and Stitch showed friendship as a necessity and The Proud Family explained that family is vital to happiness.  Today, Disney Channel is no longer putting appropriate television shows for children, and instead are putting themselves under the spotlight.  Demi Lovato, former Disney Channel star, lambasted Disney via Twitter  after a recent episode of “Shake it Up” which included a line from a character that said, “I could just eat you up – if I ate.”  Disney is planting a seed in children’s minds, full of bad ideas and morals, but before it gets out of hand they need to revert back to their old ways.
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