The Truth About Thanksgiving

Editors’ Note:

We are not trying to ruin your Thanksgiving, but only educating you on the truth. 

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a celebration and a day meant for peace and giving thanks. A perfect Hallmark holiday filled with food, family and football. It originated from the festivities between the Native Americans and Pilgrims, but the truth of matter is not widely known.  Struggling to survive, the Pilgrims and Native Americans would raid and pillage other Native American villages for food and supplies. The people of the raided villages would either flee or be killed by the Pilgrims and the other Native American tribes.  After, they would all come back to their villages and celebrate, the original Thanksgiving. This didn’t just happen once a year, like Thanksgiving, but many times. History is often changed or altered over time, but as long as we know the truth then that’s all that matters.

By Michelle Groth

Edited by Sami R.


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