Not Karma, But You (Part Two)

Editors’ Note:

This is a fiction piece and does not reflect upon the beliefs of Jefferson Middle School or the Jeffersonian Staff.

I see you took your sleeping pills.  Obviously you can’t ignore me forever. Sleep, just another one of human frailties. Must be your consciousness keeping you up. Laura has been worried about you, even more now since you aren’t in office. You’re restless, sleep-deprived and paranoid, but it will get worse before it gets better though.

 When you invaded Iraq in ’03, according to you and British Prime Minister Tony Blair the collaborative mission was to “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.”  Sure ……that’s why you really did it, or maybe for five years you were planning to invade seven Middle Eastern countries and used this as an excuse to go to war. Being a wartime president may seem prestigious, but you didn’t think of the millions of lives taken in war or billions of dollars spent on it.



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