Not Karma, but You

Editors’ Note:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is part one of longer story. 

Sleep is a sanctuary for the tired, but a prison for the troubled.  Sleep is a place where your inner or sub-conscious troubles are brought to your conscious mind. It is like the saying, “drunken words are sober thoughts.”  Alcohol, like sleep, slowly seeps into your system until it finally takes over, plunging you into a world controlled by your own mind.

Hello.  I am you, but you can only see me when you close your eyes.  I am your deepest darkest desire and secrets. I know more about what you want and who you are, then you.  I came to talk to you tonight to punish you. I am not karma, just you trying to right your wrongs.  First, let’s talk about why you invaded Afghanistan,  Mr. George Bush.

Edited by Sami Raihane


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