The Truth About Thanksgiving

Editors’ Note:

We are not trying to ruin your Thanksgiving, but only educating you on the truth. 

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a celebration and a day meant for peace and giving thanks. A perfect Hallmark holiday filled with food, family and football. It originated from the festivities between the Native Americans and Pilgrims, but the truth of matter is not widely known.  Struggling to survive, the Pilgrims and Native Americans would raid and pillage other Native American villages for food and supplies. The people of the raided villages would either flee or be killed by the Pilgrims and the other Native American tribes.  After, they would all come back to their villages and celebrate, the original Thanksgiving. This didn’t just happen once a year, like Thanksgiving, but many times. History is often changed or altered over time, but as long as we know the truth then that’s all that matters.

By Michelle Groth

Edited by Sami R.


Weekly Horoscope: Week of 11.18/11.22.13

Written by: Alan M.

Today’s Weekly Horoscope topic will be: T.V. Shows.  Which T.V. show would you be according to your personality that I just completely make up?  Ready? No? Too bad, let’s go.

 Aquarius: Your show would be: “Naruto,” children of all ages loved you, although you were a bit slow at times, you were at the top, until Shippuden came out and you just got overtaken by Full Metal Alchemist, those jerks, again you remind yourself to yell at them later.

 Pisces: Your show will be: “FullMetal Alchemist,” you were a hit with every Anime watcher, you overtook many shows like Naruto, and you were great, until your main character died! (weeping in corner.)

 Aries: Your show will be: “Xiaolin Showdown,” you were a fantastic T.V. show who remained in most people’s childhood, although some may not remember you, and you may have gone a bit too far with your newer series “Xiaolin Chronicles,” but nobody’s complaining

 Taurus: Your show will be: “Sesame Street,” although you were a decent T.V. show that everybody knows, and never forgets, you get made fun of a lot, although referenced a lot, even by adults.  Elmo will be with us forever.

 Gemini: Your show is: “Doctor Who,” you are loved beyond nations with the incredible ability to never end!  Your continuous regenerating Doctor is known worldwide, but Ten is better, Ten is always better. (Opinion by Author)

 Cancer: Your show will be: “The Muppet Show,”  you were always superior to Sesame Street, always, dumb other show, you then remind yourself to yell at Sesame Street later (Reader can participate to start the Muppets V Sesame Street showdown.)

 Leo: Your show will be: “Tom And Jerry.”  You are known worldwide by both children and adults to be one of the greatest T.V shows in Cartoon Network before it became horrible. So we thank you, but why, oh why did Cartoon Network make a new show of you?

 Virgo: Your show will be: “Teen Titans.”  You were a fantastic show with amazing characters and plot, although some may disagree, you are an Anime, and you always will be, you remind yourself to provei t by showing up at people who doubt you’s doors with your trusty chainsaw, (Readers, please don’t do this.)

 Libra: Your show will be: “Law and Order:  Criminal Justice,” and since your writer doesn’t know anything about this show, please tell me about it in the comments section, why did I put this here? so you have to participate, have to (Evil laugh)

 Scorpio: Your show will be: “Breaking Bad,” and you were a show adored by millions and one even filmed in this writer’s hometown. You were loved, until you ended. (Heisenberg, noooooooo!!!!!)

Sagittarius: Your show will be: “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”  You were MLP for all of those brony’s out there (Shoutout : I hate you all (just kidding, pleas don’t hurt me)) and for unknown reasons known only by this writer.

 Capricorn: Your show will be:  “The Walking Dead.”  You were one of the best shows by AMC and have been adored worldwide.  You incorporate the much used zombie survival theme to its best, but your game was pretty bad.