Care Bears Horoscope

Aries: Your a Grumpy Bear! You have a problem and it must be fixed. Always making the best of times sad and horrible…you know what we have a counseling office around the corner, here’s a pass to go there. Get some help!

Taurus: Your a Share Bear! When someone is down or needs something you are always around to give and help ones in need.

Gemini: Your a Wish Bear! Always granting wishes for the children on earth. Bring magic and smiles across the land is your job and is also why you are highly respected among your fellow bears.

Cancer:  Your a Sea Friend Bear!  Helping the polluted sea and animals in it thrive in a peacful environment. Caring is sharing is what I always say.

Leo: Your a Funshine Bear! FIlled with laughter and the gift to make all around you smile and laugh from your average and corny jokes.

Virgo: Your a Pink Power Bear! You make all care bears around you understand how to be aware of cancer and how to support it!

Libra: Your a Birthday Bear! You love to party and play games, and of course eat cake. Making kids and bears around you have the happiest of birthdays there can be! Surprise!!

Scorpio:  Your a Bed TIme Bear! Take it easy, climb in bed and don’t come out till next month. SNore and SNore and SNore, well your sorta boring so we will move on.

Sagittarius: Your a Tender Heart Bear! You express feelings and help solve problems deep within the heart.

Capricorn: Your a Baby Hugs Bear! SO cute and fuzzy, you love to allow people to hug you when they feel down.

Aquarius: Your a Baby Tugs Bear brothers with Baby Hugs! You can usually get along but sometimes you fight over your brother over who gets to sleep with the blanket….

Pisces: Your a Champ Bear! You are the best at sports and is the one who usually comes home with all the trophies. Your ego makes your head way to big and may be the reason people like to ignore you. Just saying..


5 thoughts on “Care Bears Horoscope

  1. FIrst of all as an editor it is your duty to proof read your comments. For example the begining of a sentence begins with a capitol.

    • First of all, it did start with a capital, and this is a comment, not a note to the queen, calm down. And by the way, Capital*

  2. Take a look at your second sentence…not sure that that is a capital, and I made a typo while you just wrote your comment wrong…….The Queen of England!

    • Actually, it is usual in comments that you don’t capitalize your letter, while you do, however, have to know how to spell words like capital, or to actually respond to a comment correctly, not just to point out pointless grammar facts.

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