Give us Ideas!

As you know, the job as a Jeffersonian© (patent pending) editor can be difficult. It may seem like an easy job, but there are so many things to do. Wear silly hats, talk about impending zombie apocalypse (still waiting for that), and doing the assignments of other classes. It is tough to live this life, but someone has to do it. So we are asking you to help us with this incredible blog! Just submit some ideas that you may have, like sports, news, current event, Pokemon, and the all time mystery of why they don’t destroy every copy of twilight ever. You can even make stories of your own, or rants about many things, popular hated singer’s, twilight, twilight, and twilight (so many things to rant about). Maybe even a short story of how you would survive the zombie apocalypse, or how much you hate sparkly vampires (not to point fingers, but yeah, Twilight). Since this post has already become a rant about twilight, I guess you wont be able to  post about that anymore. But seriously, we could use some of your amazing stories and/or ideas to keep us from making this a boring blog.

Sincerely, your twilight-hating editor

Alan M.


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