Sometimes I Think I Should Move to Russia

For over two hundred years we have had many brilliant leaders.  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, etc. were some of the smartest people the United States of America has ever seen.  As decades and terms past, new shoes have scuffed the floor of the oval office. Those who did not make it, like Herman Cane,  there is usually a reason for falling short.  In 2001, Cane was being interviewed on the Libya issue when America, once again, wondered why is this man is in any political office. When Cane was asked is he agreed with President’s Obama’s decision-making on Libya, Cane struggled to find a response. “Okay, Libya,” he said, taking quite a long pause before asking, “President Obama supported the uprising, correct? President Obama called for the removal of Gaddafi? Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say ‘yes I agreed’ or ‘no I didn’t agree.'” He continued: “I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason: Um… Nope! that’s a different one. Let’s see, I’ve got to go back, um, I’ve got all of this stuff twirling around in my head. Specifically, what are you asking me do I agree with or not agree with?” After reading this we have to ask ourselves, if this is the man is a senator than should we move states or just to Russia?



I know a person,

that screams and shouts,

Even when the birds fly high in the sky.

I know a friend who screams and shouts,

all about her pain and suffering.

I know a boy who screams and shouts,

about why his parents are getting a divorce.

I know a person who screams and shouts,

all about their achievements and glory.

I know a man of the name Charles,

Crying under a willow tree as he buries his wife Cheryl.

I know a woman name Lana,

who is really skinny but thinks she is fat.

I know a puppy named Clifford,

who always looked big at a glance but had an even bigger heart.

I know one thing for sure,

problems in the everyday lives should not be a surprise.

now smile and move on…


Art is something that not everyone can understand.  Some art may seem simple like a painting of a flower, whereas others are completely out there.  Do not be fooled by the painting of the flower for it may have taken months to paint.  The thought and detail that goes into the flower was done with passion, although it seems that the artist was just lazy, they weren’t.  It was simply where their inspiration came from.

The flower could be a symbol of many things, such as a a small action had taken place and no matter how big or small that action was it had made their day.  The flower could be small yet we give them to our mothers on Mothers Day, and that flower even though it was small it had still made their day.

Perhaps the flower was painted out of sadness, after all flowers are placed on the gravestone of loved ones.   The artist could have been going through some sort of tragedy and believed that a flower could help them express their self in a way that not many other objects could have.  In other words the simplest art may have the greatest meaning.  After all you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover so don’t judge art by how simple it is.