“What Does the Fox Say?”

“What Does the Fox Say” is a very immature song created by a group of no lives. They are sensibly dressing up girls in animal costumes and singing their animal sounds…. for example: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY: DIng Ding DIng RIng Gring…… This is just one of the many examples of unnecessary songs in our world today! I mean who exactly wants to hear a song where a guy is reciting pathetic animal noises. So this song is stating humans like to listen to animal noises with the 54,000,000 million hits, then rather listening to the sounds humans make in politics today. If we listened to the worlds problems as we do to this song maybe we will actually be getting somewhere in life today.


-An honest opinion from an honest writer!


2 thoughts on ““What Does the Fox Say?”

  1. this is so true. what is up with people these days. i dont see anything entertaining about that song, i mean seriously!!! THANKS FOR THE FALSE KINDERGARDNER UPDATE!!!!! im ashamed to be part of these teens these days. they are so immature.

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