An Exciting Day!

Today is day one of Mr. Scot Keys Mock Trials! This case is discussing whether or not Allyn Funt is guilty for directing a dangerous stunt inside a elevator. Devon Baskervile and his mother Charlene were upset that Allyn Funt pulled a horrible stunt in an ally way on May 11th, 2013. The family was walking down an ally way when all of a sudden pasty figures started chasing them. Devon while running away tripped and broke his ankle while running away. Allyn Funt came out of no where and started laughing and told the family about his/her prank. Allyn funt offered to pay for the medical bills, but they wanted to make him pay for his actions, so they threatened to sue. They received an email from a representative to discuss the problem with Allyn Funt on July 2nd. On time both of the victims arrived and noticed the elevator was broken to get to Funt’s office. So the family went to the next door elevator. It seemed fine at first but then the lights went out. It shutters back on and a ghostly figured appears out of no where. The ghost disappeared and Devon looked back to see his mom dead!


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