Cyberbully: Based off a True Story

Cyberbully is a 2011 drama movie based off a true story.


Taylor Hillridge is an average teen girl. Doing her nails and of course going after boys. Her mother Susan Hillridge has always been very protective of her and one day decides to let her daughter go on a social networking site made by the high school. Taylor soon become entangled with strangers she doesn’t even know and tells her personal information. The next day her brother hacked into the account and published a very troublesome piece of information, which in result made everyone hate Taylor. Soon her friends isolated her and Taylor couldn’t take any more of the bullying. She posted a suicide video on the high school website and a minute later her friend viewed it.Her best friend runs to Taylors house, just in time to slap the pills away from entering her mouth and calls an ambulance and her mother. In the actual event Taylor did commit suicide, which was why this movie was made.

To view the movie on youtube and imbd page click the following links.


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