It’s Raining

Wow, we are actually getting a lot more rain than many have expected. Going outside at seven a.m. in the morning and instead of sighting the sun, all anyone spots is the black and murky sky. The fresh rain smell that lingers and suddenly a regular human being looks up to spot a shimmering double rainbow. Students arrive at school and suddenly rocks start falling down and pelting them.  Everyone is confused and realizes, its rain that coming down. Its been to long since we have actually got tons of rain, and out of the blue the land flourishes with crystal green trees and blue daisy sprouting in the hot and dry desert.

Bless us with tears mother nature because so far all you have done is cause car accidents and floods. Make the land beautiful and save the everyday lives that you cause not only from rain and floods but hurricanes and tsunami’s too!

-Alan and Sami


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