A Nerd to a Jock

By Sami R.

Hi, my name is Brian Smith. I go to Washington Middle School and well… I am your typical nerd. Everyday after each and every single class period, the high school football jocks shove me into lockers and forcefully make me do their homework. If in any case I refused well, lets just say my body will be found floating down the Rio Grande river. The problem was that I was too busy doing their homework for my sake, I never had a chance to do mine. That resulted into me getting straight c’s and d’s on my report card. So long Harvard, Stanford, and my beloved Oxford. That was the last straw, no longer would they boss me around or bully me into doing their homework. I am sick  and tired of their tyranny and I am going to take a stand and tell them no!

The next day, I went to the jocks lockers and slipped them invitations to go to the big gym at the west side of the school. When they arrived little did they know the whole school were sitting on the bleachers, with their phones out ready to snap pictures. Before the jocks realized what was going a vat of processed beans and curdled milk was dropped all over them. From that moment on everyone in the school respected me for humiliating those bozos, and in reward I may not have became a jock on the outside but i felt like one in the inside.


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