3,2,1 Action!

Editors Note: This is one of the many papers where a student had to interview a person for Mr. Key’s class with an usual passion.  

By:  Anonymous

            A Wacky Passion is something that seem strange to a person, mainly because they have not done it themselves.  Movie making is something that many people never do.  However, for Jeff Tuttle it is something that he has been doing for 40 years.  “Since I was seven, when my uncle gave me my first ‘movie camera,’” stated Tuttle when asked when he had started.  “My siblings and I would make small animations and made the neighbors watch.”   He mainly makes short films, and at one point Jeff had created a film festival called “Local Shorts.” Running for six years, local moviemakers would make films of different genres and enter them in a category.  Gift cards were the “Grand Prize” in this festival.   When asked why he made movies, Mr. Tuttle answered: “It is a fun way to tell stories, and I love to them.”  Over his experience, Jeff has made short films with many techniques.  “I’ve used green screen, computer graphics, and animation, and live action.”  Now, he mainly makes movies to help him teach his third grade class.  Tuttle also incorporates moviemaking into his class, having students write a short story in a group and then use any way they like to make that movie.

“Making a film is a unique way to connect with the audience,” Is how moviemaking has been described by Peter Jackson (director of Lord of the Rings).  Jeff Tuttle uses this to connect funny ideas, lessons, and history to his class.  After making movie diaries for his class at historical landmarks in Utah, New Mexico, Washington D.C., Tuttle uses these videos to let his students have an interactive experiences in his class.  Using a longtime passion to evolve his classroom and expand his students’ knowledge, Jeff Tuttle’s Wacky Passion has influenced his life since long ago.


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