The Need for Plastic Speed

Editors Note: This story is one of the many interview assignments done for Mr. Key’s class in which students interviewed a person with a wacky passion.
By: Destiny Frey
     Riley Hubbs and his wife, Tirzeh Hubbs are Hot Wheels collectors. Riley has more than 100 Hot Wheels in shelves and boxes. Tirzeh is a new collector, with maybe around 50 Hot Wheels. There are many people who collect all sorts of things, but not many collect small cars.
     “I wanted to collect them because of my love for cars. Real cars,” Riley mentioned, looking over to his shelves filled with Hot Wheels. “I mean, I can’t afford most of these cars in real life, so I collect these. I love them.”
      He also has a great way of organizing them. “I have one shelf with imports, like ones from Japan. Then, I have a shelf with American muscle cars. These ones,” Riley said, pointing to the first two rows of muscle cars, “are sorted by the type of car, then the duplicates with different paint jobs. These ones are the same car, only with different colors.”
     When asked to pick out a favorite, he just can’t. “I love my Toyota Supras, ’69 Chevy Camaro convertible, all my 12 cars… It is too hard to pick just one,” Riley explained.
     Riley got his first Hot Wheels when he was about 2 or 3, like many other young boys. When he gets the chance, he goes to the store and buys 2 or 3 Hot Wheels. Usually, he buys 2 of the same car. “One to play with, and one to keep mint,” Riley said, smiling. “And sometimes I get a third of the car, for one of my children.”
     Everyone in Riley’s family knows and loves his Hot Wheels. Some are in a display case, where he can keep them organized and displayed.
       “You can’t grow up,” Riley said. “There isn’t a rule for when you have to grow up,” Tirzeh mentioned in the background. And they are right. Don’t grow up.

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