A Passion for Words

Editor’s Note: This story is one of the many interview assignments done for Mr. Key’s class in which students interviewed a person with a wacky passion.

By: Hannah F.

Everybody knows the word game Scrabble, and enjoys playing it every once and a while. Not Patrick Fry, he has been playing Scrabble since he was a young boy. His mother introduced him to Scrabble, but not until recently has he really developed a passion for it.

Patrick Fry’s mom is the main reason he knows and plays Scrabble today. “Playing with my mom when I was young made me aware of Scrabble,” said Mr. Fry. He has a passion for Scrabble because he likes to play word games and Scrabble is a great word game. Mr. Fry finds that Scrabble is the best word game because, “it’s challenging in the way that you have to compete with somebody else.”

Today there is no need to play Scrabble with a person face-to-face. You can play online games with other people, play the computer or play on an app called, “Words With Friends.” Just last year he got the Scrabble computer program and has played a few games with that.

Since you play against other people there are strategies to win. Mr. Fry says that “the best way to win is to have a really good Scrabble vocabulary.” Many people increase their Scrabble vocabulary by learning all the two and three letter words that are allowed in the game.  Scrabble vocabulary includes words like “ai.” Words like “ai’ help when the game is almost over and there are only a few spaces open on the board. Learning a bunch of random words is not the only way to increase Scrabble vocabulary. You can increase it by playing better people. The better people that he plays include, “80 and some 90 year old women who go to the Denny’s every Tuesday and play Scrabble games against each other.”


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