The Smell of Passion

Editor’s Note: This story is one of the many interview assignments done for Mr. Key’s class where you interview a person with a wacky passion.
By: Anonymous 
Everybody has a wacky passion of one sort or another, but Trinity Hall has a really wacky passion. A passion for smells. In her domain everything must smell nice, may it be the powder room, or the sheets she sleeps in. According to Mrs. Hall, the smells she prefers are, “Anything that doesn’t smell like vanilla hand sanitizer, body odor, a public restroom, or anything else that smells particularly gross to me at the time.” A strange statement it may be, but her home is the best smelling place on Earth. To appease Trinity’s passion for surrounding smells, she scents everything in her home with essential oils and air fresheners, down to the carpet, sheets, and even her dog and cat, who are washed quite frequently with baby shampoo. Her house seems too smell like a mixture of Patchouli and fresh laundry, among other fantastic smells, such as lavender and rose.
          “ I just like having good smells around, especially because I have such a very sensitive sense of smell.” Even after having lived with Trinity for 12 years, I only just realized, that the smell that the occupants of the Hall household have become so accustomed to is actually due to the hard work of Mrs. Hall. All the members of the household have just grown used to the fact that the house smells like a seriously amazing air freshener, or a breath of fresh air, just depending on what area of the house you are in at the current time.
         “I like pretty much everything, especially perfume.” Now here is another example of a wacky passion right under my very nose. Trinity’s passion for smells is not just limited to her surroundings; it actual pertains to HERSELF as well.
          Hopefully Trinity will keep her mission up in the air, like the spray she uses, and someday spread good odor to other smelly places in the world!

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