The Heat! Starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

Note: A great comedy movie, but be aware there are several swear words which gives this movie a rating of PG-13 and an argument for being rated R.

A scene from the movie “The Heat”:

[Agent Ashburn and Det. Mullins are holding Terrell Rojas over a railing several stories up by his legs]
Det. Shannon Mullins:   I can’t hold ya.
Agent Sarah Ashburn:   Ok, let’s pull him up.
Det. Shannon Mullins:   No I’m not kidding anymore, I can’t lift him up.
[they drop him and he lands on a car]
Det. Shannon Mullins:   Ahhhhh
Agent Sarah Ashburn:   He’s all right, right?   [searching for validation]   That.. that… that… metal car broke his fall?

Curious much? I bet you are! To learn more about “The Heat” visit to learn more!



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