Daily Quote

Daily Quote:

“Do things with passion or not at all.”

-Author Unknown


Harsh Opinions from An Average Pessimist

Editor’s note: This post does not represent the opinion of Jefferson Middle School’s staff, or student body. The following is merely the opinion of one of the Jeffersonian’s editors.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the most boring and dumbest places in the world.  A huge question comes up when a person states New Mexico is the “Land of Enchantment.”  This is a huge lie!!!!  Too many people live in this state, and we don’t get much rain or snow.

This results in a lack of crops and your every day dandruff.  Albuquerque has a nice community, its chile is a great product, and the many cultures really do liven it up.

Nevertheless, Albuquerque the “Land of Entrapment.”  Many people have traveled to Albuquerque, thinking that they would stay there for a while and enjoy themselves.  After a while it becomes obvious that they can’t leave due to factors such as  instability of getting jobs, the horrific economy which results in people not having home and not being able to support their children. The bottom line is New Mexico is not special in any way, and is a waste of time for many open-minded people like me.

-Sami R.

School! Seven Corny Hours of our Lives?

School has many pros and cons. We already have enough homework as it is with a seven to eleven famous dead person in which when graded should be almost perfect. As eighth graders it is our job to find the time and place to do our homework. We have science fair coming up in which we have to use outstanding wits and smarts to come up with a perfect idea. Then comes math. All classes are important but Mr. Kelly’s and Mr. Golda’s are mighty important as well because if we don’t succeed in there we wont get our high school credits. School may seem like a waste of time, but if we take it seriously we may end up in a job that we have always dreamed of. The point is no matter what challenges you take, make sure to fulfill them in order to succeed.  Continue reading