Just Another Weirdo

Hello Everyone! I hope everything for you all is going great. And if not I hope whatever you’re having problems with it will get better. I’m a new editor here at Jefferson. I will do my best to make things around here. However I don’t think you’d want someone you know nothing about to be editing your post. So I start with saying my favorite color is orange. I was born here in New Mexico. I am really into the arts (drawing, painting, writing, ect.). I am super random but I can be mature (occasionally). I will not stand for bullies of any sort. Friends call me Jasz (My way of saying I hope we can be friends). I often quote things and point out things that rhyme. I really don’t like when people talk only about them selves (ahh the irony). So there you know  somethings about me so I hope you may feel a little bit more comfortable with me being one person that may edit your posts (and writing movie reviews, book reviews, etc). Also I’m thinking of posting a Daily (or weekly) quote. So I hope ya’ll will post on this site. Send us an Email (jeffersonianjets@gmail.com) and it could be posted on this site. And if you would like to speak with us (Sami, Alan, and myself) (and for whatever reason you’d want to talk to us) for can find us just about anywhere (just not the bathroom). And you’re reading this (naughty, no electronics during school hours)  today and want to talk to me look for the girl in orange pants. So have a nice day everyone and make this the best year yet! 😀 

Daily (or weekly) quote is,”Be yourself, people will love you. And if they don’t…FORGET THEM – Unknown author 


                                                       Just another weirdo



One thought on “Just Another Weirdo

  1. Hey new editor! I am waiting to see what this year is like for the Jeffersonian (full-time writer for it last year), but one thing you might want to fix is what category you post your articles in. The default for the Jeffersonian is Jefferson News, and this works fine for your introductory post, but remember to keep a close eye and change a fictional article to “Fiction” and a comedy post to “Entertainment” and so on. Keep up the good work!

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