Zombie Story: Andrew, Day Three

By: Jeffersonian Print Staff

Edited By: Metrica and Staple

Sorry for the short log last time, I’ve been in… “complicated circumstances” since I left for Santa Fe. I’m really tired and I think my legs are g0ing to kill me. Anyway, when I left off,  I was turning a corner with my hotwired Camaro, down the street was the gun store, but I would have to go through a ton of zombies to get to the broken window of the store. Not the best of times in the “Andrew is Going to Die” TV series. The zombies lined the block, I kept my head down and pulled the car into a full stop. Unfortunately, once one zombie focuses on something intently, the rest look as well. I had a mob to deal with, I stuck the boom boom cannon out the broken window and prayed that it would work well. The soda can filled with sodium shot into the center of the Zombie mob. The can burst into a shattered frame, 4 of something like 16 zombies fell to the burning explosion, some stuff that I don’t want to speak of spread across the hood of the car.

I stepped on the gas pedal, speeding through a ton of zombies, deciding that I had no time to get out of the car grab a gun and get back to the car, I rammed through the front of the shop and grabbed the stuff out of the broken window. I got a rifle, 2 pistols, a shotgun and lots of bullets. I threw them all into the passenger seat and sped off. Sometimes I ran into a few Zombies, and then I proceeded to run over them, dispatching their already dead forms quickly and… Well, not so quietly, that’s a part I’d rather not type here. I stopped at a Motel 6 that had padlock doors, I parked the Camaro in a safe parking spot. My legs collapsed on me after I had placed all my stuff on the bed.

First thing the next morning I had to stop at a gas station. I picked up a few large gallons of gasoline from a 7/11, the owners probably won’t need these for a while, say… never. I looked for any sign of survival, I saw absolutely no survivors of the Albuquerque invasion. I was 93% sure that all or most of the survivors fled north. At this point I had no communication with the north, all I had was a vague percentage chart in my mind and a really cool car. The one thing I was sure of was this, I was taking the car. I’m on my way to Santa Fe right now, I’m 60% sure I’ll find humans there, wish me luck, I’ll need it.


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