Ben’s Magical Comedy Column: Commercials, Part IV

By:  Ben H.

Well, I don’t have any awesome Cheesasaurus cartoons to show you guys today, but I have something better! In this Comedy Column, I will be discussing how commercials work and in particular, how people react to different commercials. In a nutshell, this article investigates the “science” of commercials.

When I talk to my friends about commercials, I always notice that my friends and I always refer to a commercial as “bad” or “good.” Looking back at those conversations, I find the whole concept of rating commercials confusing. How can you remember a “bad” commercial? What makes a commercial “good”? Is it the visual quality of the commercial? Is it how loud the announcer squeals about amazing savings?

I think that any commercial that you can remember for more than 2 hours is good. However, some commercials are just so bad that they are funny (like local car dealership commercials), which makes them “bad,” but technically good in the sense that they are remembered. This makes the whole topic of defining commercials as “good” or “bad” sort of vague. Remember how I said in a previous Comedy Column that Axe commercials were bad? Well, it was quite the opposite. The commercial was so good that I was able to remember it, and advertised it myself.

That is all that commercials are trying to do. Even if the viewer reacts to the commercial in a negative matter, the viewer will recognize the brand/remember the commercial. Axe commercials, on a more basic human level, are ingenious! They have the ability to convince unattractive losers to buy a horrible product that is more a chick deflector than anything! So later, when you are up at 10 P.M. and watching boatloads of commercials, just remember to enjoy the stupidity!


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