How Much is that Doggy in the Window? Part II

By: Anonymous

Edited by: Staple

Pablo shifted his attention toward the Foot Hill cemetery, where the call of his name drew nearer.

“Pablo!” The voice shouted.

“Alejandro!” Pablo called, he grinned at the sight of his friend, and stood motionless, anticipating his company.

“Que Pasa?” Pablo asked. Crunching clatter bellowed in the friend’s minds as Alejandro jogged down the cemetery. When he reached Pablo’s side, he stopped for breath, and proceeded to answer his question.

“Nothing” Alejandro pronounced, grinning.

“Me either” Pablo told his friend. He was well aware of the fact that he had lied. Many things had happened, he thought. He took in a stray dog, had an uncomfortable confrontation with his father, who came to his home, pleading for his mother’s money, and slept through the cries of his sister’s twins, the memories chilled his every nerve. Pablo sensed his friend becoming uncomfortable. He pinned a grin on his face and proceeded to ask if Alejandro had seen the latest episode of “The Honeymooners”. He denied having seen it. Pablo hadn’t either. Neither of them owned a television set, for it was far beyond their means. Alejandro thought Pablo hadn’t seen the program. He was usually correct with his assumptions, as was Pablo. They hardly spoke of their hardships. They were certain of nothing in regard to the private lives of one another.

Beyond assumptions, they knew nothing about one another. They were strangers. The mere presence the two shared, was enough to temporarily cure the severe case of heartache and loneliness they both experienced. They walked in silence until their journey came to an end when their destination was reached. They arrived at school. As the bell rang, the two scampered across the hall and to their desks, where a blank paper sat, waiting to be dressed with knowledge acquired by the secrets of the universe, the students had yet to unfold. The date was December 8, 1952.


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