Zombie Story: Day Two: Andrew

Editor’s Note: The Zombie Story is going to rotate in series of  “Days” in order to organize all of the points of views.

By: Jeffersonian Print Staff

Edited By: Metrica

Hello, whoever is reading this. The fact that you are reading this might be good in your eyes, or you might desire my death. Personally, I just care that you are interested enough to read this. For the people who may have just started reading and for “short-term memory loss patients,” I will recap. Today is the second day since the Los Alamos National Laboratories facility was the site of a massive explosion that resulted in the release of the Zombitosis virus. This virus inflicts people with the desire to spread the virus through the mouth by way of biting. I, a high school student, escaped the virus by hiding in a library, using a computer to record Day 1 in this journal. When we left off (man, my life has turned into a zombie TV show drama: On the next episode of Andrew’s Going to Die…) I was still in the library and planning to build a weapon, here is what happened next.

I woke up at around 6:00 really really tired; I had gone to sleep at around 4:00. Last night was rough, I had been working on the “Boom Boom Cannon Mark I,” and it was a giant success. The lead pipe worked splendidly, and with soda cans to carry the sodium more efficiently, I had a makeshift grenade launcher in no time. The next challenge was exiting the library, I had a door to bust open. There were two requirements: 1. I had to do this quietly, I don’t know if Zombitosis can hear, but I don’t want to find out the hard way. 2. I had to break through my own barricades. I started pushing aside the rubble of library shelves and developing a plan. I only have a limited amount of ammo, and there is a gun store about a mile from here. I needed to learn how to drive. 

I hopped into the front of a really nice Camaro, my main fear was that I would be scared into shock by the Zombitosis and crash the car. I needed to be fearless. I used my knowledge of wires and a rock to hotwire the Camaro. I used some electrical tape from my backpack that I found in the science lab to connect the wires so I didn’t have to hold the wires together myself. No Zombitosis in sight yet, some of them must have moved north. I got my hopes up after two blocks, but rounding the third bend at a faster-than running-but-not-too-fast speed the Zombitosis appeared. Their flesh seemed to be deteriorating as they walked. I took note of that. The shop was down this street; I needed to run over some Zombitosis.

Sorry I have to end there for now, I’m headed for Santa Fe in the Camaro, I got to head out. Bye.


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