How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

By: Anonymous

Edited by: Colette 

Dawn cracked. Pablo inhaled a whiff of the morning air and sensed it was time to face the day. His eyelids stretched apart, exposing the pale brown eyes lying beneath. He grinned at the sight of his new pet Brownie prancing across his blanket. The boy was still sore. Memories of his household the night before, stung him like a bullet traveling through an innocent man’s skull. He tried to forget. He pet his dog and within a few seconds, the budding mutt ran out the house, across the dirt road and out of sight. Pablo ran his fingers across his matted hair. He dusted off his exhausted sneakers and attached them to each foot. He straightened his top.  Pablo was prepared to leave. The boy sauntered toward the kitchen, where his mother stood, wide awake, smoking a cigarette

“Bienvenidos, Mi’Jito” she whispered cautiously. She did not want to wake her other children who lie fast asleep in the opposite room. With that, the boy drew the curtains, and proceeded to walk to school.

He stared at the pigeons in his neighbor’s yard. “What an odd collection pigeons are,” he thought to himself. Then again, his neighbor, Diego was a peculiar old man. He wondered what he would be like as an old man. Where would he live? Who would he marry? Pablo wondered if he would ever find the time to flee from the south valley. Dreams clouded the boy’s conscious mind. He heard a voice calling his name.  Reality set in and his heart dropped.


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