The Life of a…. (A Poem)

By: Anonymous

Edited by: Colette

She was sold to her masters as a small child.  She was separated from her parents and they are probably dead now.She hears everything, the screams, the crys, the laughs.She sleeps on the floor.She is forced to entertain her masters in exchange for decent tasting food.

She peers out the window of the giant cage that she calls home.

She wishes to be free. To go out and see the world on her own without being bound to rope and have limited explorations.

When she is sad, she cannot cry.

When she is hurt, she cannot fight back.

She wants to speak, but no one understands her

She is ignored.

She has the mind of a toddler and the body of an adult.

She is doomed to die sooner than any of her other masters with no promise of an afterlife.

Welcome to the dazzling life of a dog.


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