Elements (Part Six)

By: Colette

Edited By: Praxilla and Metricah

When the last bell rang, it was raining hard outside. As John put his things in his locker and headed towards the pool, he briefly thought of the girl who had spoken to him this morning. He had a feeling that he shouldn’t be ignoring her, but then a voice inside his head argued back. It told him that he did not even know who it was, and that swimming was much more important than listening to strange girls. When he got to the gym, he met up with his swim team, and a tide of angry voices washed over him.

“Says we can’t-“

“I can’t even see or hear any-“

“Who does he think he is?”

“Well he is the coach-“

“Just not fair!”

John looked around, searching for his friends.

“There you are!” said a familiar voice from behind him. It was Chris.

“What is going on here?” John asked.

“Since it is raining outside, coach is not going to let us swim.” Chris rolled his eyes, then continued in an undertone, “I think it’s because of the time that he almost got electrocuted…” Chris said as he started to laugh. Sage and Nick caught up to them.

“Is this unfair or what?!” Sage said angrily “There’s not even any lightning, it’s just pouring!” After hearing a few more minutes of complaining, John left the pool building.

“I will see you on Monday!” he called over his shoulder as he ran through the buckets of rain towards the gym to pick up his backpack. As he entered the gym he turned and started to make his way over to the bleachers. When he got there, he rummaged in his bag for his phone. Before he could find it, a voice spoke from behind him; it was the girl from the hallway.

“You’re John, right?” she asked. The girl was a red head but instead of being bushy, her hair flowed down her back like a river. Her eyes were brown with small amber flecks in them. For a moment, John was captivated, then he remembered that she had asked him a question.

“Uhhh…yes.” John responded. “And you are…”

“Emily. We need to get going.”


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